Private Tutorial


Rate: $35 per hour

Off-site: $50/hour

Total Cost: varies on the number of 
hours requested (must pay for one month of classes)


2 Students

Rate: $20 per hour

Off-site: $30/hour per person

2019 Class Schedules

You can translate our website into just about any language.  Thanks Google.  So, your first lesson is on us!

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Annual Registration Fee for all programs: $50.00 

Book Cost: Varies by Class

Enrollment Rates

Tampa Foreign Language Center offers beginner, intermediate, and advanced language classes for many different languages!

Learn a language to:

  • Help You at Your Job
  • Travel More Comfortably
  • Keep Your Mind Young
  • Make New Friends


3 or more Students

Rate: $208

Program length: 8 weeks

Off-site: $20/hour per person

*Starting 2020 the rate will be $230 for group classes.

Beginning of Session 1:Week of January 14 (night classes) Tuesday January 19 (Saturday)
End of Session 1:Week of March 4 (night classes) March 9 (Saturday)
Beginning of Session 2:
Week of March 25 (night classes) March 30 (Saturday)
End of Session 2:
Week of May 13 (night classes) June 1 (Saturday)
Beginning of Session 3:
Week of June 10 (night classes) June 15 (Saturday)
End of Session 3:
Week of August 5 (night classes) August 10 (Saturday)
Beginning of Session 4:
Week of August 19 (night classes) August 24 (Saturday)
End of Session 4:
Week of October 7 (night classes) October 19 (Saturday)
Beginning of Session 5:
Week of October 21 (night classes) October 26 (Saturday)
End of Session 5:
Week of December 16 (night classes) December 14 (Saturday)