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​Popular Programs

You can translate our website into just about any language.  Thanks Google.  So, your first lesson is on us!

Spanish Classes (regularly offered): The major focus of this program is to give the learner essential vocabulary and speaking skills needed to communicate in everyday life as well as at work. The program consists of six proficiency levels for the Spanish language which take the learner from an elementary level to an advanced proficiency. Each class focuses on real-life situations and encourages students to participate in oral exercises incorporating their personal experiences. The following skills are emphasized in the Spanish classes: speaking, reading, writing, listening, grammar, and vocabulary. When the need arises, Business and Medical Spanish courses are offered as specialized classes. 

Italian, French, German, Portuguese,and Arabic classes (other foreign language classes, as needed)- These programs are designed to give the learner the basics necessary for communication. The major focus is on essential vocabulary needed to communicate in everyday situations with an additional emphasis on grammar skills. Depending on the student’s ability level, more conversational aspects are added to the courses.

About Us

The mission of Tampa Foreign Language Center, established in 1988, is to provide students with a high-quality and positive educational environment designed to help them learn a foreign language. The institute offers non-credit Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, Arabic, and other foreign language courses to students who want to improve their language skills in order to enhance their social, personal, and professional lives.

​Level Progression

Learning a new language is different for everyone.  One will pick it up quickly while another will struggle to advance. 

In our language classes, we hope that students will be able to cover all of the basic skills to advance one level within 16 weeks of classes (two 8-week sessions).  The only exception is the low beginner level, which is only 8 weeks.  You will be given a final exam at the end of each 8 week session to check your progression and at the end of 16 weeks, you will be promoted to the next level with the approval of your professor. ​​

We try to have 5 consecutive 8-week sessions each year for each program.

Learn a language to:

  • Help You at Your Job
  • Travel More Comfortably
  • Keep Your Mind Young
  • Make New Friends